Sustainable development

Sahanala supports farmers’ associations in and around the New Protected Areas managed by Fanamby, with the aim of a better sustainable management of natural resources and sustainable socio-economic development communities.

Sahanala is also involved in carbon offsetting. Environmentally friendly packaging and forest restoration projects offset carbon emissions throughout the entire production cycle.

The SAHANALA Label is part of a global approach that revolves around:

  • Adoption of environmentally friendly agricultural practices and consumer health,
  • Better economic valuation of agricultural work through a fair trade approach,
  • Better organization of producers,
  • A privileged relationship between ecotourism and local agriculture,
  • The orientation towards a sustainable management of the actions of conservation and protection of the environment thanks to the financial contribution of the consumers,
  • Harmonious development of production lands including reforestation and revitalization zones,
  • A strong understanding between producers, distributors, consumers and environmental protection stakeholders.