Friendly Camp

Friendly Camp is a group of Nature camps all over Madagascar. They are created to find the best balance between local community needs and aspirations, and sustainable biodiversity conservation.

The most successful options in conservation so far are proven to be responsible tourism and nature friendly crops that generate greater income for local  households which is why Friendly camps aims to focus in rich ecosystems where development options have so far been elusive.

We are convinced that tourism can only play its vector role of sustainable development by a concerted positionning with the visited communities, because they play an important part in the destiny of the villages.

Harmony is the key word, the development cannot be supported in a long term if the community and the environment are not in harmony; which is why the natural Parks managed by NGO FANAMBY are qualified of « harmonious and protected landscape ».


Black Lemur Camp is located in the protected area of Andrafiamena Andavakoera with 74 606 ha, in the North. It is one of the wealthiest regions in term of biodiversity. The landscape varies from sandstone and limestone chains of mountains to humid, dry and transitional forests filled with various endemic species, particularly the famous black lemur Propithecus perrieri.


Saha Forest Camp is nestled in the forest corridor of Anjozorobe Angavo The forest corridor that makes up this protected area is one of the last natural forests remaining in Madagascar’s central highlands with 41 100ha. This area is on the eastern edge of the central highlands and supports a rich biodiversity.  You will be able to see the Indri indri (the largest of the living lemurs in Madagascar), the Orchids or just visit authentic Merina villages.


Camp Amoureux is at the heart of the Menabe Antimena protected area where dry forests, mangroves, lakes and other ecological habitat coexist in an area of 209 461 ha.  Other than the impressive Baobabs Alley, located on the way to the camp, you will be able to see black striped mongoose, giant jumping rat, flat tail turtle or the mouse lemur of Mrs Berthe (the smallest lemur) and especially the lover baobab in front of the restaurant.

Camp Tattersali

Camp Tattersali is located at 7kms near the village of Daraina, in the protected area of Loky Manambato (250 000ha). As you walk toward the camp, you will notice the main activity of the region: « gold mining ». Straight on the camping place, you will discover the other « gold » of Daraina, the famous golden crowned lemur or « Propithèque of Tattersalli » and the bigest nocturnal lemur “Aye Aye“.