Teleworking, an opportunity to discover new ways of working

Reorganize, reinvent yourself, move forward. These are the watchwords of companies from the start of the health crisis. At Sahanala, this notably involves teleworking.

The coronavirus pandemic did not warn, unluckily. For Sahanala, it is imperative to protect all of its employees from possible contamination. 

The company must also preserve jobs as much as possible, especially in the event of a prolongation of the health crisis. Telecommuting is the most suitable solution for pursuing activities in complete safety. 



The arrangements to move to this new working method were made well before the containment, and well before the health emergency has not been officially declared.

In order to be as efficient as on company premises, we had to rethink the whole work organization: meetings, various administrative procedures, time organization. 

But the ability to anticipate, as well as the willingness of the whole team allowed Sahanala to minimize the consequences of this reorganization. The telecommuting will continue for Antananarivo office, until the threat has completely subsided.

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