Radio Feon'Akomba on a war footing

The Covid-19 health crisis has not yet passed, the plane threat and the SAVA region are not yet free from contamination. That is why Sahanala multiplied the actions of awareness-raising in this region, especially through a local radio called Radio Feon’Akomba.

Radio Feon’Akomba, intended primarily to vanilla producers, is one of the most listened to in the SAVA region. For Sahanala, it is an effective communication tool to pass on informations, raise awareness, educate, reassure, and encourage local communities.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, Radio Feon’Akomba offered a daily program in order to educate the local population.


Several topics are covered: explanations of the importance of barrier gestures and social distancing, the mode of spread of the virus, but also tangible information like statistics, and the latest government measures related to the crisis. 

The goal is to inform in order to protect them from the pandemic, without creating panic.

Approaching the opening of the green vanilla campaign, a permanent communication with producers is imperative to reassure them, but also to make them understand the market realities in this crisis period.

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