Our Values



Establish sustainable development in all of our intervention areas, spread over 10 regions of Madagascar,
including 600,000 hectares of Protected Areas managed by Fanamby. We aim to support local communities
while preserving their natural environment.


All our actions are motivated by sharing. Ranging from the sharing of knowledge favored by the different
training courses, to the sharing of bonuses for member farmers, all stakeholders are winners in the
activities and decisions taken.


As a fundamental vector of the trust established with our producers and partners,
transparency throughout the value chain allows a real commitment from each stakeholder.
With transparency and trust, we can change ideas and practices.


Having started with a handful of producers, the company now made up of more than 7500 farmers.
We reinvest the profits in in research and development in order to remain at the forefront of the social
innovation initiated 10 years ago.

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