Our paramedics lend a hand to the basic health centers

The fight against the coronavirus has not yet been won. To achieve this, it is necessary to be even more carefull but also to assist the medical teams on the frontline. Sahanala has chosen to strengthen the teams at the Basic Health Centers, in the regions where it operates.

In certain regions of Madagascar, there is a real shortage of medical staff. In a pandemic as dangerous as the Covid-19, infrastructures risk being easily saturated and medical teams being overwhelmed. 

This is why Sahanala dispatched his medical team to 12 Basic Health Centers. So, 19 paramedics were mobilized to lend a hand to local teams, and many medicines and medical materials have been distributed to these 12 BHCs for a better patient care.

This partnership with local health professionals also guarantees better care for Sahanala producers. They are received in priority, while care is exempt from all costs.

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