Our Federations


Vanilla Federation

The Vanilla Federation is made up of over 4,200 producers grouped in 18 associations,
in 5 regions of Madagascar. Mainly located in the SAVA region, it has gradually spread to the DIANA, SOFIA, Analanjirofo, and Vatovavy Fitovinany regions. This federation alone has more than 280 permanent
employees out of the 370 of Sahanala. Our vanilla producers practice organic farming,
which gives exceptional quality to the product.

Nuts & Spices Federation

The FNS or Federation Nuts & Spices includes not only nuts and spices, but also cereals and fruits.
Ranging from cashews to ginger, via fragrant rice and ravintsara, our products are extremely varied.
Producers come from 10 different regions, and meet once a year during the General Meeting of the federation.n.

Fishery Federation

On January 29, 2020, we signed a framework contract with Groupe Réfrigépêche Madagascar for the sustainable use of fishery resources in the Loky Manambato Marine Protected Area, in the SAVA region.
More than 700 fishermen are involved in this alliance and will benefit from support and training for the exercise of their activities in compliance with the standards required by the international market while preserving marine ecosystems.

Tourism Federation

As part of our partnership with the Fanamby association, we manage a shop at the Baobab Alley (Menabe region), as well as four (4) ecolodges located in the Protected Areas administered by the latter: the AP Loky Manambato in the SAVA region, the PA Andrafiamena Andavakoera in the DIANA region, the PA Anjozorobe Angavo in the Analamanga region, and the PA Menabe Antimena in the Menabe region. We advocate sustainable tourism, with respect and protection of biodiversity, as well as involvement in improving the living conditions of local communities.cales.


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