Our engagements


We are committed to mobilizing all the necessary means to have positive and lasting impacts on communities, their regions, and their natural environment. In the same way, we wish to assure our partners and customers of our responsible approach and our efforts to combine at all times quantity and quality of products.

Our commitments to our producers

Our commitments to our partners and customers

Traceability system


For transparency, a blockchain (METAJUA) ensures the traceability of the chain on all the aspects which compose it and makes it possible to understand the realities and the situation of the field in constant evolution. Each plantation is mapped by GPS for certifications and traceability.

It is a decision-making tool that allows us to react quickly to data collected in the field.

Sahanala is one of the first companies to use of a fully integrated digital traceability system in Madagascar.

Valorization of benefits to producers

As a social enterprise owned by its producers who are at the heart of its value chain, Sahanala in its essence has as its primary objective the development of these producers and their community in order to allow them to prosper in the long term. In its approach, the company thus transfers on several levels the profits generated by its activities in order to contribute both to the development of its producers, as well as to broader scales which extend to their association, their localities, and the federation to which they are attached.
Of the total profits generated, 50% is distributed as a bonus to each member in addition to the sale price of his products, 40% is donated to associations, and 10% is devoted to the development of federations.

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