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Our organic ginger comes from Sokafana villages (Analamanga region), and Lohariandava (Atsinanana region).

It supports more than four hundred (400) peasants belonging to 4 associations.
A star ingredient in Malagasy recipes, ginger has multiple health benefits.

   Certification EcocertCertification Agriculture Biologique    Certification KLBD   Certification GRASP Global GAP

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Black pepper

Our black pepper comes mainly from the north-eastern part of Madagascar. Three (3) associations, each made up of around thirty producers, produce this spice with respect for organic farming.

The campaign periods are between April and June, as well as from September to November.

  Certification Ecocert      Certification Agriculture Biologique    Certification KLBD


Wild pepper

Commonly called “voatsiperifery”, this spice has a place of honor in Malagasy cuisine. We work with producersin the Anjozorobe Angavo Protected Area corridor, and in the East of the Big Island.
Nearly a hundred families we support live from wild pepper cultivation.

  Certification Ecocert    Certification Agriculture Biologique    Certification KLBD

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 Cashew nuts

Our cashew nuts producers are located in Ambilobe, in the DIANA region. There are approximately three hundred farmers producing it, in eight (8) associations.
Cashew has multiple health benefits.


Pink pepper

It comes from the east coast of Madagascar, and is naturally dried in the sun by associations in the region.

Campaign period: April – May


With a slightly lemony scent, our Ceylon cinnamon comes from the Analanjirofo region, on the east coast of Madagascar. Available in sticks (HNNG) from 5 to 20 cm, or spines (CZ4).

Campaign period: January-May / September-December

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