Communities applaud Sahanala's efforts

Every citizen corporate must contribute effectively to the development of regions where it is located. Local communities welcome Sahanala’s efforts in regions where it operates. 

Sahanala has never hidden its ambitions in terms of sustainable development. The company is committed to always fight poverty by providing jobs and improve incomes local communities, while scrupulously keeping a responsible approach. 

Sahanala also militates for simplified access to medical care: vaccination campaigns, health teams support during this pandemic, etc.


Sahanala is present in 10 regions of Madagascar. With its partner, the Fanamby association, the company collaborates with more than 10,000 people: local tour guides, managers of conservation of protected areas, farmers, etc.

All these fringes of local communities welcome the efforts made by Sahanala in terms of sustainable development, in its 10 years of existence.

But Sahanala also constitutes a vital support in this health crisis period. The company multiplies mass awareness-raising actions and helps these local communities by distributing rice, soap bars, and reusable masks.

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