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Each year, the profits generated by the sales of our products are redistributed to associations on several levels. Part is donated to federations to allow them to develop and innovate, another is distributed to associations, and the last part goes …
130 tonnes of rice will be distributed for the benefit of 15,700 people from 3 regions where the Sahanala – ADM joint venture called SAVAN operates. These are the SAVA, Analanjirofo, and Vatovavy Fitovinany regions. The objective of this operation, …
Madagascar vanilla holds a privileged place on the world market, particularly on the American market. The partnership between Sahanala and the food giant ADM (Archer Daniels Midland Company) has made it possible to promote this product and support sustainable development …

Inclusive approach for sustainable impacts

We give farmers the opportunity to participate actively in the development of their locality, and in the protection of their environment. By providing them with a more stable income, and by teaching them good practices such as organic farming and respect for the environment, we are helping to improve the lives of local communities in a sustainable manner. We support them technically, materially, and socially.

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Our activities

We support the activities of peasants in our intervention areas. Since 2010, Sahanala has grown to build up 4 distinct federations:

–  Vanilla Federation

–  Nuts & Spices Federation

–  Tourism Federation

–  Fishery Federation


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