Sahanala was created in 2010 with the aim of bringing together within the same platform all the producers engaged in organic farming, private operators concerned with the environment and equitable sharing and also the associations convinced by a participatory conservation approach

Meet Fifine


“We thank Sahanala for visiting Ampondra quite often. We work on vanilla and we are mostly women in our association. The culture of vanilla allows us to ensure our life and to support our home. We do our best to meet the standards of quality and production of vanilla. Sahanala supports us in our actions from the beginning.” Fifine

As a committed Vanille producer, Fifine is a member of the FBVM or Fikambanana Vanilla Bio Mitambatra association in Ampondra, in the SAVA region.

The culture of vanilla is a long process of transformation. Madagascar is full of potential to produce the best quality of this orchid. It is in this context that Sahanala supports the initiative of women in the living communities around the Loky Manambato Protected Area in the North East of Madagascar.

We went to meet Fifine, a member of FBVM Fikambanana Bio Vanille Mitambatra:




Sustainable Development

Sahanala set up economic, social and environmental alternatives for the communities living in protected areas managed by the NGO Fanamby. Being a platform that gathers several Malagasy producers Sahanala helps the producers of new protected areas managed by the NGO Fanamby for their products to be valued and promoted on an international scale. These communities are encouraged not to abuse natural resources and to cultivate outside these protected areas. Sahanala focuses on the development of sustainable products and services with the local community, in partnership with the private sector and the promotion of organic products and sustainable tourism in Madagascar.

Local women from the SAVA region, in Loky Manambato’s New Protected Area, carefully working Vanilla



Ginger: Support to the development of the Anjozorobe Angavo community

In the production and use of ginger, Sahanala is in contact with large multinationals. These collaborations are an opportunity for the Anjozorobe farmers. A trial phase on a species of zinziberaceae called Zingiber zerumbet is currently being done by producers in the New Protected Area of ​​Anjozorobe Angavo. Multinationals will supply in Madagascar in term of Ginger if this phase of test is pertinant.

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Vanilla, the main export product in Madagascar

About 80% of the vanilla produced in the world comes from Madagascar. As one of our most sought-after income producing products, it is also Madagascar’s national pride. Producing Vanilla is part of Sahanala’s activities. Vanilla from Sahanala or “Bourbon vanilla” comes from Loky Manambato in the Northern Region of Madagascar, produced by local men and women involved and involved in fair trade, on behalf of the conservation of biodiversity of this region North-East Malagasy.