About us

Sahanala was created with the aim of bringing together producers involved in organic farming, private operators concerned with the environment and equitable sharing, as well as associations convinced by a participatory conservation approach.

Our Vision

Our mission

To be a leading social enterprise committed to the sustainable development of Madagascar and its communities.

Sustainable development of local communities, by communities, through the valorization of their activities and the conservation of the environment.


In keeping with its vision and mission and to achieve its sustainable development objectives, Sahanala is committed to several points regarding its partners, its employees and its customers.


  • Develop sustainable products and / or services with local communities, in partnership with the private sector, to ensure a stable income for producers.
  • Realize projects of common interests related to the actions of monitoring and conservation of biodiversity
  • Build together the sustainable development of communities through their empowerment in order to improve their productivity
  • Organize and structure producer associations (organization, collection and referencing, training, quality, sorting, storage, accounting)
  • Ensure producers are paid a fair price for their products by associating cooperatives with its own Board of Directors
  • Clearly inform each cooperative of the final destination of their products
  • Reversing a percentage of its turnover to sustainable conservation actions of the protected areas carried out by its NGO partner FANAMBY
  • Foster interaction between producers, distributors, consumers and environmental protection stakeholders

Sahanala brings together more than 7,500 farmers in 58 associations of producers, artisans and private operators from six different regions: Analamanga, Alaotra Mangoro, Menabe, SAVA, DIANA and Vatovavy Fitovinany.

The members are divided into three federations according to the nature of their activities:

  • Nuts and Spices Federation: specializes in the production of spices and nuts
  • Vanilla Federation
  • Friendly Camp Federation: activities on sustainable tourism; tourism structures that are created and managed with and for the benefit of communities through the creation of jobs, the purchase of inputs and the transfer of percentages on turnover and gross operating income.

Fanamby took the initiative to create Sahanala in 2010, a company serving sustainable development in Madagascar. Sahanala has put in place economic, social and environmental alternatives for communities living in protected areas managed by Fanamby. Being a platform that brings together several Malagasy producers, Sahanala is helping families and producers in the New Protected Areas managed by Fanamby so that their products are promoted and promoted on the international scale. These communities are thus encouraged not to abuse natural resources and to cultivate outside these protected areas. Sahanala focuses on the development of sustainable products and services with the local community, in partnership with the private sector and the promotion of organic products and sustainable tourism in Madagascar.

Preserving biodiversity and balancing ecosystems often involves the implementation of protective measures that deprive farm families of some of their usual resources: Sahanala seeks to offset some or all of these deprivations.