Black Lemur Camp

The Black Lemur Camp voted "Best Wider World Tourism Project" thanks to Sahanala's "tourism for conservation" approach.

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Sustainable Tourism

Sahanala aims to manage the income-generating activities implemented for communities living in and around the protected areas managed by Fanamby. Promoting ecotourism is one of the sustainable alternatives used as a leverage for development.

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Friendly Camp
Four camps are currently gathered in the label:

Black Lemur Camp

in the protected area of Andrafiamena Andavakoera, DIANA Region, North of Madagascar

Saha Forest Camp

in the protected area of Anjozorobe Angavo, 3 hours from Antananarivo

Camp Tattersalli

in the protected area of Loky Manambato, SAVA Region, North of Madagascar

Camp Amoureux

In the protected area of Menabe Antimena, Menabe region, 1.30 hours from Morondava

Men and women from these communities were trained for activities in the camps. The advantages of this approach are, among other things, the assurance of a reliable source of income for these people and their involvement in a non-negligible cause : the conservation of their environment. Once their financial situation is more stable, they significantly reduce the pressure they put on the natural resources around them.

Ecotourism helps educate not only rural people, but also Malagasy citizens and foreigners about the importance of conserving biodiversity. Learn more about our camps by clicking on Friendly Camp link beside.